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Becoming a Volunteer

Please note: 

We are not accepting any further applications for volunteer positions within the Trust at this present time.

Please return to this page in April 2018 when we will have more volunteer opportunities available. 


Volunteers play an important role as they contribute to the care and wellbeing of our patients.

The support that volunteers provide enables us to enrich and extend the range of services that it offers to patients and visitors.

There is an increasing range of opportunities available to prospective volunteers and if you are seeking a worthwhile and rewarding role helping to support and develop services and enhance the quality of our patients’ stay in hospital, then volunteering may be for you.

We would like to encourage people from a variety of backgrounds, ages and levels of experience to join our volunteer community and will aim to find a role that best suits you and your individual needs.

To be a successful volunteer you have to want to volunteer for the right reasons, not because someone has told you to do it, or because you would like to use it to enhance personal development and experience.

There is often some confusion between work experience and Volunteering. Volunteering is giving something back to the community and involves a regular commitment of time and is not a structured learning programme. You will not be shadowing and assisting staff and you will not rotate regularly between departments. You are likely, however, to get a good feel of how a Hospital works. For more information about work experience please follow this link.


If you would like more information about volunteering then please have a look at our volunteer newsletter

#PROUD to care for you