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Transfer of Babies

If your baby was born in the Labour Ward room or theatre and needed some assistance he/she will have been transported to the unit in a warm snug bed. The Labour Ward and theatres are not far away from the Neonatal Unit and are on the same floor.

This bed is soft and filled with water set at a warm temperature of 37°C. Your baby is wrapped up and kept warm with a hat and given oxygen if needed. He/she is then taken through to the Neonatal Unit for assessment and observation and transferred into an incubator or cot.

Hopefully you have been able to see or hold your baby before he/she was moved. Your baby is stabilised first, given medical support and medication if needed. Two photographs are taken as soon as possible and brought to you with booklets about the unit and care (provided by Bliss and the Neonatal Unit)

A larger incubator is used to transfer babies to other hospitals. This incubator is set at the required temperature for your baby and can supply oxygen and fluids to baby and a kit to help your baby if an emergency should occur during transfer from hospital to hospital.

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