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Knowledge Management

Your Library & Knowledge Service can assist you with Knowledge Management.

When you need to create, share, distribute, capture, disseminate and understand your knowledge, your team’s knowledge, or your organisation’s knowledge, talk to us for advice, practical help and access to useful tools. Knowledge is the lifeblood of an organisation and therefore is precious. It needs to be captured, structured, preserved and disseminated.

For example, at the simplest level we widen access to organisational resources, such as the posters which are presented at Listening Into Action (LIA) Events , or specialist events such as the Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists Showcase by making them available on the library catalogue, so that they will be discovered when library users search.

We are currently undertaking a £115,000 research study funded by Health Education England which examines knowledge mobilisation in Critical Care.  The study seeks to understand the knowledge requirements of staff, patients and families and then develop and evaluate a bespoke model of knowledge support.

If you have Knowledge Management challenge please email us here