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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Information For Disabled Users

Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (WUTH) Trust Library and Knowledge Service is committed to ensuring that users with a disability are able to take full advantage of our services and are not disadvantaged.

The information contained in this statement is aimed at:

  • helping users to be aware of services and facilities available from the library, in order to minimise any disadvantages.
  • minimising potential problems that may occur e.g. due to the physical layout or regulations of the Library.
  • ensuring that WUTH Library staff can assist to avoid any potential issues.

McArdle Library, Education Centre, Arrowe Park Hospital - Access

A lift is available at the main entrance of the Education Centre to take users to the McArdle Library on the first floor, and to other second floor facilities.
During un-staffed hours access to the Education Centre and McArdle Library is achieved via swipe cards. A swipe card reader opens the main entrance doors and is at wheelchair height. The second swipe card reader is located at the McArdle Library entrance door, again at wheelchair height. When exiting the McArdle Library, wheelchair height door release buttons are located at the library exit door and at the Education Centre exit door. Additional access during staffed hours is via the rear entrance to the Education Centre, from the ground floor of the main hospital.

The McArdle Library IT suite is used an accessible venue for internal and external training events.

All trainers are reminded to make themselves aware of any course attendees with disability or additional needs, and that all attendees needs can be met in line with relevant current legislation e.g. DDA, SENDA. The Trust is committed to Equality and Diversity and therefore all staff will have equal access to learning and development opportunities. Staff with any special requirements should notify the training provider at the point of application so that arrangements can be made where appropriate to enable all staff to have equal access to learning and development. If you need advice or assistance from library staff please don’t hesitate to ask.

Adapted toilet facilities

Adapted toilet facilities are available on the first and second floors of the Education Centre. All adapted toilets have an alarm which can be activated by pulling a red cord. The alarm is linked to the main security office within the Trust.

Additional library services and facilities for users with a disability / special requirements

The library relies on a large number of standard procedures and rules to operate efficiently and fairly. We are aware, however, that standard procedures rigidly applied have the potential to discriminate against people with a disability, or special requirements. The library offers the following facilities at the McArdle Library, Arrowe Park Hospital with instructions on how to access them.

Access for study assistants or carers

An assistant or carer is given free access, even if they are not registered as a user of the library. Please let library staff know the situation on arrival if appropriate. For access during un-staffed hours please ensure that the registered user’s swipe access card provides access to the building.

Alternative format information leaflets

Library information leaflets are available on request in large print format and on yellow paper if required. Please ask a member of library staff, or contact us via our online enquiry service, “Ask a Librarian”.

IT facilities

IT facilities include adjustable height desks (McArdle Library only) and an accessible scanner. The library web pages have Browsealoud software that enables speech from web pages (headphones are available on request). The text on the library web pages can be enlarged and the colour configuration altered to suit individual needs. Wirral Health Informatics Service (WHIS) enables staff WiFi within the McArdle Library. This service allows users to connect to the Internet with their own personal(ised) equipment. Please ask at the issue desk if help is required in accessing these facilities.

Assistance from staff

Library staff can provide one-to-one demonstrations on how to use the catalogues and e-resources, or can perform searches for you, depending on what is required. Please ask at the issue desk, email wuth.lks@nhs.net or use our website or online enquiry service, “Ask a Librarian”, to submit a request for assistance. Items can be retrieved and held for the user to collect. Requests should, ideally, be submitted a minimum of one working day in advance.

Assistance is always available during staffed hours to retrieve hard to reach items. Library staff can provide one to one tours and orientation sessions. 

Extended loan periods

For users with special requirements, standard loan items (four weeks) can be issued for five weeks. One week loan items can be issued for two weeks. Reference only items can be issued for short periods (no more than one working day). Users must register with the Library & Knowledge Service to take advantage of this facility. Please note that overdue fines still apply if items are returned later than the revised due date.

Induction loops

There is a portable induction hearing loop available for use at the main issue desk at either site library. The portable induction system should be requested from library staff, at least one working day in advance.

Photocopying assistance

Staff can provide one to one demonstrations of how to use the photocopier including how to enlarge photocopies. Please ask the issue desk staff to demonstrate this facility. Staff can photocopy items on behalf of disabled users. Normal charges apply for photocopies, and A3 copies will be charged at the same price as A4 copies, if required.

Printing assistance

Staff can provide help in using the print management system or they can print documents for users if required. Normal printing charges apply for printing, A3 copies will be charged at the same price as A4 copies if required

Postal loans

Requested items can be posted to the library user’s home address. Users must be members of the library and the item in question must be a standard or one week loan (i.e. not Reference Only). Please note normal loan periods and overdue charges still apply.

Fire evacuation procedures

During a fire alarm lifts should never be used. If you are a wheelchair user or have limited mobility which means you can only evacuate the building by means of a lift you should make your way to the refuge point on the landing area (Education Centre at Arrowe Park only) and wait there for the emergency services personnel to arrive.

There is a fire alarm practice every Wednesday morning at the McArdle Library, Education Centre, Arrowe Park. During this practice a fire alarm emits a very loud noise as well as having a flashing light indicator to enable users with a hearing impairment to be alerted to the alarm being active. The muster point for the McArdle Library in the event of an evacuation is in the Consultant’s car park, adjacent to the main entrance to the Education Centre.

As the McArdle Library is located within a large acute hospital there has been a great deal of planning the site into zones. It is unlikely that, unless there was a major fire in the Education Centre, the McArdle Library would need to be evacuated. Staff will always inform users during staffed hours if evacuation is necessary.

The Library staff are available to give advice to all users on matters concerned with disability or special requirements.

Arrowe Park Hospital Overall Accessibility

  • Wheelchair access
  • Accessible parking
  • Accessible toilet and changing facilities