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Module 7: After your baby is born

Please see 'Related Links' to left of this page to access the websites containing the information referred to below.

Skin to skin

  • Skin to skin - Unicef

Vitamin K

  • Why does my baby need vitamin K?

Information on examination of the new born

  • Newborn physical exam
  • Personal Child Health Record (Red book)
  • Newborn hearing
  • Immunisation schedule 

Postnatal Exercises / Episiotomy and perineal tears

  • Keeping fit and healthy with a baby
  • Your post-pregnancy body
  • Personal training for your pelvic floor
  • Episiotomy and perineal tears
  • Care of third and forth degree tears during childbirth
  • Third or fourth degree tears (see document at foot of page)

4th Trimester – PNMH

  • Mind - information on mental health
  • Talking Together Wirral - talking therapy for Wirral residents
  • Medication Information for Pregnancy
  • Medication Information for Breastfeeding
  • Tommy's Wellbeing Plan
  • Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit - RCGP
  • Birth Trauma information/Support
  • Make birth better
  • Postpartum Psychosis Information
  • Home Start -charity family support
  • Tomorrow's Women - charity
  • Wellbeing Empowering Brighter Futures
  • What does the health visitor do?
  • Post pregnancy body
  • Your body after birth
  • Relationships after having your baby

4th Trimester

  • What is the fourth trimester?

Sexual health and contraception

  • Sexual Health Wirral
  • Contraception Services
  • Sexual Health Wirral - Find us
  • Guide to contraception after having a baby (see document at foot of page)

Smear test

  • Cervical smears and pregnancy (see document at foot of page)
  • Can I have a cervical smear during pregnancy?

Registering the birth

  • Register a birth
  • Wirral Council - registering a birth

Baby massage

  • Baby massage: tips and benefits
  • Understanding baby massage

Physiotherapy during and after pregnancy

(awaiting content)

How to care for baby - bathing baby; making up feeds, what to expect in nappies; reusable options

Please see documents at foot of this page.

  • How to bath your baby
  • Cord care
  • Hospital bag

Safe sleeping advice

  • Caring for your baby at night
  • Co-sleeping and SIDS
  • Safer sleep
  • Lullaby trusts

Advice on crying

  • Coping with a crying baby (ICON)

Postnatal baby check

  • Your 6 week postnatal check

Breast Awareness

  • How should I check my breasts?
  • Breast changes during and after pregnancy


  • Coronavirus postnatal information


Additional Documents

What to bring into hospital when having baby, Modified: 15/07/2020 10:36AM | Download: What to bring into hospital when having baby
Cord Care, Modified: 02/07/2020 12:11PM | Download: Cord Care
Cervical smears and pregnancy, Modified: 30/06/2020 3:34PM | Download: Cervical smears and pregnancy
Guide to contraception after having a baby, Modified: 30/06/2020 3:30PM | Download: Guide to contraception after having a baby
Third or fourth degree tear during birth, Modified: 30/06/2020 3:21PM | Download: Third or fourth degree tear during birth