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Changes to Eastham Walk in Centre

Wirral health partners have taken the decision to accelerate a programme to improve urgent and emergency care services for people in Wirral.  Urgent and Emergency Care in the NHS is a national priority and in March NHS England signalled a national commitment to introduce front door streaming services in all Accident and Emergency Departments to help deal with increasing demand and the pressure this creates on clinical services.

This demand is similar in Wirral and we have decided to take immediate steps to make improvements as quickly as possible to ensure that the resources we have available are best placed as we move towards the winter months.

A new ‘front door streaming’ service will be in place at the Emergency Department at Arrowe Park Hospital from 4th September 2017. In future people attending the Emergency Department will be assessed at the front door and in some cases will be directed to the adjacent Walk in Centre, this will be for patients who have minor injuries or illnesses. This new service will help to ensure that people with serious or life threatening conditions are seen and treated more quickly in the Emergency Department which will improve the safety and quality of services and overall performance.

In order to make this happen, we have decided to increase the number of clinical staff working at the Arrowe Park Walk in Centre by reallocating staff from the current Walk in Centre located at the Eastham Clinic.

This means that the Walk in Centre service at the Eastham Clinic will be unavailable from 4th September 2017.  Walk in Centre services will continue to be provided at Victoria Central Health Centre and the Walk in Centre on the Arrowe Park Hospital site. Eastham Clinic will continue to provide a wide range of other clinical services including blood testing and the dressings clinic. The CCG is committed to ensuring that the clinic remains an essential part of the local community. For more information on NHS services at the Eastham Clinic please click here.

We are taking this immediate action now because we have concerns about patient safety as the winter approaches. The CCG is in the process of reviewing Urgent Care across Wirral as a whole and will present proposed models for consultation in November 2017. Therefore the action we are taking now is in lieu of this wider review and is a short term measure to deal with an immediate patient safety issue.

All Wirral residents will have the opportunity to express their views on the way Urgent Care should be provided in the future when the CCG publishes its proposed models for consultation.

We have written a letter to stakeholders explaining the full reasons for this action at this time.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) sheet has been developed to help explain these important changes:

Please click here to download a copy of the FAQ sheet