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Annual Members Meeting Feedback

Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual Members Meeting on 19th September to hear all about the work of the Trust over the past year.

It was a great opportunity for people from the Wirral community to meet our staff, hear all about our latest developments and see the hard work happening to optimise patient care.

The meeting included a presentation of the Annual Report and Accounts, which is now available to view at the bottom of the following page: 

Annual Report and Accounts section

There were also a number of questions asked at the meeting, which we have answered below:

Q: I recently attended an appointment before 9am for an urgent blood test. My practice contacted the lab after lunch to be told that the sample has not arrived. But a few months ago the sample had been processed, can I ask why is there a delay if I have a sample in the morning?

A: The Trust performs blood testing for 56 GP practices, and samples are collected from each practice once or twice a day via transport services running 4 collection routes. Samples received in the lab are prioritised dependent on the importance marked by the GP. Should a GP feel than more urgent testing or treatment is warranted than they will always advise the patient to attend A&E.

Q: I am new in post within the organisation and noticed there is no information on environmental issues? Is there a group? What are they doing? As I was unable to find anything on the new internet.

A: The Trust has an environmental committee which meets 4 times a year and is chaired by Associate director of Estates. A new post of Environment manager has been created and recruited to and they start in post at the end of September – One of their priorities will be improved communications and the development of information on the Trust’s website.

Q: What’s the DNA rate per division and as well as the overall rate?

A: The overall outpatient DNA rate for the Trust is 8.9% which is a very similar position reported across the NHS. The Trust actively overbooks clinics to ensure the maximum use of its clinical capacity and has a policy agreed with local commissioners where all DNA’s are reviewed by a clinician to determine whether the patient should be given another appointment or referred back to GP care.

The rates for the 4 clinical divisions across Wirral University Teaching Hospitals are:

Medicine – 7.7%

Surgery – 8.6%

Women & Children’s – 9.1%

Diagnostic & Clinical Support – 11.7%