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Join the Organ Donor Register

A Wirral University Teaching Hospital volunteer who celebrated his 70th birthday on the 70th anniversary year of the NHS has encouraged thousands of people to join the Organ Donor Register is campaigning for more to sign up.

Paul Dixon, a grandfather from Prenton, who spends 18 hours a week volunteering at Arrowe Park Hospital and the Royal Liverpool Hospital, has been urging people to register as part of Organ Donation Week.

Five years ago, on his 65th birthday, Paul Dixon donated a kidney to someone who needed a transplant and since then has encouraged around 11,300 people to sign up to the register.

He said: “It’s nice that I celebrated my 70th birthday in the same year the NHS marked its 70th anniversary. I can’t believe it’s five years since I donated my kidney but in that time I’m delighted to have been able to encourage so many people to sign up.

“I would say to people to consider becoming a donor. It really is life changing experience and is one of the most selfless things people can do but can save the life of someone who is in need of a transplant.”

There are currently 126,595 people on the Organ Donation Register in Wirral but in spite of that at March 2018 there were still 30 people in Wirral waiting for organ donations.

Over the past seven years 41 organs have been donated by Wirral residents and there have been 110 transplants received by patients in Wirral.

It’s about encouraging people not only to add their name to the list but to speak to their family.

Jean Quinn, Chair of the Organ Donation Committee at Wirral University Teaching Hospital, said: “While we have had many people sign up to the register there are still many more patients in need of a transplant.

“During Organ Donation Week we would like to encourage people to consider registering. It is also important that everyone who does sign up also tells their loved ones they have registered.

“We want to encourage even more people to sign up to the register and help to save the lives of those in need of a transplant.”

As part of Organ Donation Week last week there was a stand at Arrowe Park Hospital each day, offering advice on how to sign up to the Organ Donor Register.

People can register by visiting and are asked to please remember to tell family members that they have signed up.


Photo caption:

Janelle Holmes, Chief Executive of Wirral University Teaching Hospital; Jean Quinn, Chair of the Organ Donation Committee at Wirral University Teaching Hospital and Paul Dixon, Volunteer at Wirral University Teaching Hospital to launch Organ Donation Week.