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NHS rainbow badges promoting inclusion and equality

Wirral University Teaching Hospital is backing the NHS Rainbow Badge initiative to promote inclusion and equality for all.

Hospital staff wearing the badge have all signed a pledge to support LGBT+ colleagues and patients. The symbolic rainbow badge indicates that the wearer is aware of the issues LGBT+ people face within healthcare and are there to offer information and support, without judgement, for anyone who may need it. 

Although social attitudes are improving in the UK towards LGBT+ people, there is still work to be done on allowing people working and accessing healthcare to feel unafraid to speak about their sexuality or gender identity.

In a survey published by Stonewall in 2018, it was revealed that one in seven LGBT+ people have avoided seeking medical assistance for fear of discrimination. The NHS is committed to ensure all staff and patients are treated equally regardless of their sexuality or gender identity.

The rainbow badge initiative has so far seen 1,000 badges handed out to staff across WUTH.

Sharon Landrum, WUTH’s Diversity and Inclusion Adviser, said “We are delighted to have joined the Rainbow Badge initiative to show our support the LGBT+ community within the healthcare profession.

“It’s about normalising conversations, and creating an environment where people feel encouraged to speak to one another.”

The badges are now being rolled out across many NHS organisations in the UK. Wirral University Teaching Hospital has joined the Rainbow Badge initiative and pledged its part in making the NHS an inclusive environment for all. 



Photo Caption:

Sharon Landrum, Diversity and Inclusion Adviser at Wirral University Teaching Hospital; Helen Marks, Executive Director of Workforce at Wirral University Teaching Hospital and members of the LGBT+ Staff Network Group pictured with their NHS rainbow badges.