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Before You Arrive

Your admission letter
Your admission letter details the date on which your surgery will take place as well as the location.

Please ensure you read this carefully as it contains information which will help to ensure your surgery goes ahead as planned. In particular, it contains guidance about eating and drinking before you attend hospital. You must not eat sweets or chew gum if you are having a general anaesthetic (you will be asleep during your operation).

Your health and wellbeing before surgery
It is very important that you try and stay healthy before your surgery. Eat and drink well - your body needs fuel to repair - and try to stay physically active. It is natural to be worried about surgery, try and spend time with family or friends to help you relax.

If you do drink alcohol or smoke then take this opportunity to stop or cut down. This will help your recovery and reduce the risk of any complications.

If you feel unwell in the week immediately before your surgery then please contact your consultant’s secretary for advice and guidance. This will help us assess whether your surgery can go ahead as planned.

It is vital that you bring any medication with you that you are currently taking, in their original container. The hospital staff will take these from you and may use them during your stay. They will be returned to you on discharge if they are still required along with any medication you need to take home. In some cases patients are asked to stop taking specific medication at certain times prior to their admission. Please follow the specific instructions given to you by your consultant.

If you have any questions regarding your medication please phone your consultant’s secretary.

Things to do before you come into hospital:

  • Let your relatives/friends/neighbours know when your surgery is taking place and ensure you have nominated a family member or friend to be your carer for when you return home from hospital
  • Bring a partner/relative/friend contact telephone number to call on discharge
  • Organise child care/pet care where necessary
  • Ensure you have arranged your transport for getting to the hospital and more importantly how you will get home. If you need to book an ambulance to come in you can do this through your GP
  • If you receive regular support at home from Social Services or any other agency then please let them know so they can make any necessary arrangements
  • Inform your place of work
  • Check your diary and cancel any appointments
  • Remove all make up, nail varnish, false eyelashes and nails and pierced jewellery before you come into hospital
  • If you have any additional needs such as an interpreter or require any adjustments to your care due to a disability then please contact your consultant’s secretary as soon as possible so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Planning for your discharge
Staff on the wards will be working to a planned date for your discharge. You need to make sure that you are aware of when this will be and have plans in place to be collected from hospital at the appropriate time. If you are not told when you can be expected to be discharged, please ask a member of the ward staff.

Things you might need to bring
You will be provided with a bedside locker on the ward but space is limited so please don’t bring more than needed. Please bring your belongings in a zipped medium sized bag rather than a large suitcase.

Please do not bring valuables into the hospital. You will be able to wear your wedding ring but all other jewellery will need to be removed before your operation so it is better to leave it at home.