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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

COVID-19 Exceptional Circumstances

The exceptions in place currently for compassionate visiting remain as follows:

  • Patients with dementia/delirium 
  • Patients with a learning disability ( excluding carer)
  • If a patient is receiving bad news
  • Patients whose health and well-being is deteriorating as a result of visiting restrictions
  • Patients who are at the end of life - two visitors permitted or at Ward Manager’s discretion.

Wirral Women and Children's Teaching Hospital welcomes the woman and her support person, regarding them as an integral part of both the woman and baby's care throughout and not as a visitor. It includes making sure that women can safely take a support person to:

  • the early pregnancy unit
  • all antenatal scans
  • other antenatal appointments where the woman considers it important to have support
  • labour and birth from the point of attendance at the hospital or midwifery unit (one birthing partner accompanying a woman in labour)
  • Maternity ward – Support person can attend both antenatal and postnatal areas.
  • Sibling visiting by prior arrangement with the Ward Sister
  • Visiting to the Neonatal Unit by parents.

 Before visiting in these exceptions circumstances any visitor should contact the clinical area to discuss appropriate arrangements.