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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Paul Ivan (Leasowe, Moreton and Saughall Massie)

I am a medical doctor with 25 years experience shared mainly between NHS and Clinical Research industry. I also have a lot of first hand experience as a patient and user of the local health services as I have been living in Moreton along with my wife and two children  for nearly 15 years.

I was elected Public Governor at WUTH in October 2021 and prior to that I had been  Public  Governor of  Wirral Community NHS trust for another 3 years.

I am familiar with  the advantages and disadvantages of our health care system as well as  the challenges that NHS hospital trusts and their patients are currently  facing. I strongly believe that involvement of local community and  regular feedback from patients are the two key elements for the success of any NHS Hospital Trust and I will work to achieve that during my term as a governor.

Together, we can shape a better future for our health care services.