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Some or all of the following staff will be involved in the care of your baby - and their families - in the neonatal unit. A brief description of their roles is included.

Neonatal Community Team

Follow up all the babies on the neonatal unit and babies who have feeding problems or are referred by the consultants from the post natal wards. The team see parents the day after discharge to chat about any concerns.

Hospital/Community midwife

Continues to provide care to Mum for up to 28 days, visiting at home or by arrangement via the communication room on Ext 2428.

Health Visitor

Will visit soon after baby is born, advising on the baby's development, weaning etc and will assist parents for up to five years. Provides parents with a health record book (Red book) which we suggest is brought into the neonatal unit so parents or staff can record the baby's weight.

General Practitioners

They are contacted by letter following a baby's admission to the neonatal unit and are kept informed by letter on the baby's condition, a discharge letter is sent to them and they receive letters from the consultants on any follow up visits from many of the health professionals involved in the baby's care.

Paediatric Oxygen Nurses

Offer support and advice on the care of your baby receiving oxygen when the neonatal staff have handed over care to them. Initially, they will usually visit the parents weekly and liaise with the baby's health visitor , GP, physiotherapist and dietician.