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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Continuity of Carer Team

Following the National Maternity review “Better Births” published 2016 it is recommended that models of care where women know the midwife who is caring for them throughout their pregnancy journey, have a positive impact on improving safety, clinical outcomes, as well as a better birth experience.

This will also have an impact on reducing pre-term births, hospital admissions, and the need for intervention during labour. WUTH is developing Continuity of Carer Teams to enable all women to access this model of care going forward by 2023.

The Lotus Team

The Lotus team is a group of seven midwives who provide continuity of carer for women who are planning an elective caesarean section. Women access the team during pregnancy when they become eligible for an elective caesarean section and up to 28 days postnatally. The Lotus team consists of a team of midwives who will provide antenatal and postnatal care, 7 days a week giving women access to a known midwife throughout their pregnancy, birth and after their baby is born. The team will provide all of your care and attend your caesarean section with you.

Seacombe Birth Centre - The Highfield Team

Seacombe Birth Centre - The Highfield Team

The Highfield Birth Team consists of six  midwives who provide care to women choosing to have their babies at home or in Seacombe Birth Centre.  This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week giving women access to a known midwife throughout their pregnancy, birth and after their baby is born.

Women under the care of the Highfield Birth Team, are also able to choose from a range of suitable locations for the majority of their antenatal appointments, whether that be a local clinic, at home or even at their place of work where appropriate. If you are thinking about a home birth or community birth at Seacombe Birth Centre please ask your midwife to refer you to the Highfield Birth Team.

The Seacombe Birth Centre is found in Wallasey and is a standalone birth centre. You can choose to have your baby at the Birth Centre if your pregnancy is uncomplicated and you have had no serious problems in other pregnancies you may have had.

The Seacombe Birth Centre has one birthing room and a birthing pool and provides a relaxing and calm place for you to be and to welcome your baby into the world.  

You can also contact the team directly by emailing wuth.birthteam@nhs.net or by calling 0151 666 3131 during day time hours. Alternatively, please leave a message on 0151 604 7682 and the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

You can view of virtual tour of Seacombe Birth Centre in the 'Related Link' to left of this page.



The Willow Team

The Bluebell Team