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During the day you should keep baby warm by putting a vest, babygro and cardigan on, a few layers trap air between them and this helps to keep your baby warm, with two blankets and perhaps a flannelette sheet to cover them.

In summer months a cardigan may not be necessary, or alternatively leave their vests off. Loose cotton clothing is a suitable alternative

Outdoors -Winter 

A further cardigan or woollen suit can be added, plus bonnet. Wrap baby (not too tightly) in a blanket with a further two blankets over them. (A blanket folded double counts as two blankets.) Remember to unwrap your baby and remove waterproof covers when you get indoors otherwise they will overheat.

Outdoors - Summer 

At first you may still need to cover baby’s head with a bonnet, however you should be guided by the outdoor temperature before putting too many layers over your baby. It is as well to remember that chilly breezes can be around on certain summer days, keep the hood of the pram up if this is the case, otherwise leave the hood down but protect your baby from the sun with a canopy or shade.