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Midwifery Lead Unit (MLU) - Eden Suite

Eden Suite has five home-from-home rooms, two of which have birthing pools  for water births.

Eden Suite is a home from home midwifery-led birthing unit at Arrowe Park Hospital that offers a welcoming, safe and relaxed environment. The suite is staffed by experienced midwives who are passionate about promoting natural labour and normal birth.

Why choose to have your baby on Eden Suite?

Giving birth is generally very safe. Evidence suggests that healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies who plan to give birth in an alongside midwifery-led unit having fewer interventions during labour, for example to drip to speed labour up, and are less likely to need forceps or have a caesarean section. They have significantly more normal births than women who give birth in an obstetric unit with no difference in outcome for the baby.