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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Support us

The milk bank relies on new mothers coming forward to offer donations of breastmilk.

They recruit donor mothers from Wirral, Liverpool and all parts of the North West region as far north as Blackpool.

Mothers can contact the milk bank directly to enquire about donating milk.

Adopt a lamb to help premature babies

Your cash donation will help us to purchase breast pumps for donor mothers. 

The Milk Bank can provide money collection boxes and a box of lambs to anyone wishing to collect on behalf of the Milk Bank. If you are interested please contact us on  01244 511440 or email: northwest.milkbank@nhs.net.


North West Human Milk Bank,
North West Food Research Development Centre,
University of Chester,
Parkgate Road,
Chester CH1 4BJ

Telephone: 01244 511440

Email: northwest.milkbank@nhs.net

Website: www.northwesthmb.org.uk