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Koala North West

Koala North West exists to provide children and their families with tailored practical and emotional support that improves well-being, reduces isolation and supports both children and care-givers to thrive. Koala North West believes that every parent should have the support they need in order to give their children the best start in life. Our comprehensive range of services aim to work in partnership with parents by supporting and encouraging them through the difficulties of family life.


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1. Koala North West videos

Please see the range of videos available.


2. 1001 Days Programme

The first 1001 days include pregnancy and the first two years of a child’s life. There is clear and compelling evidence that this is a significant, influential phase in a child’s development.

Here on Wirral we believe that every baby should have loving and nurturing relationships, in a society that values emotional wellbeing and development, especially in these first 1001 days.

There is no doubt amongst the experts that this is ‘an age of opportunity’, what happens during this time lays the foundation for every child’s future health, wellbeing, learning and earning potential. It contributes towards children developing emotional wellbeing, resilience and adaptability, the competencies they need to thrive.

During this period we can lay a ‘foundation of health and wellbeing’, the benefits of which that can last a lifetime, and carry on into the next generation.


3. Parent Infant Mental Health Services (PIMHS)

Our ‘Parent Infant Mental Health Service’ known as PIMHS, works with parents expecting a baby, who have recently given birth or their child is under the age of two. We focus on supporting those early relationships between you and your baby, with an understanding that this can be difficult, particularly if you are experiencing emotional or mental health problems.

Having a baby or young child can impact on us in many different ways. Lack of support, infant crying and broken sleep, are just a few that can adversely affect the relationship we have with our children. Accessing support early, can really make a difference for parents and their children.


4. Breastfeeding Peer Support

Antenatal Support:

Are you thinking about breastfeeding or breast milk feeding? Would you like more information about choosing to feed your baby, or to discuss past experiences, expectations or worries about breastfeeding?

Koala North West knows the importance of getting as much information about becoming a parent before the baby arrives, click the link below to discover more about the services we can offer. Give us a call for more information or to get yourself registered.

when baby arrives:

We offer support in the very early days. Our support is offered by a friendly mum who has experience, training, and time to spend with you ‘getting started’ after baby arrives. We are here to go through anything you aren’t sure about, and offer ongoing breastfeeding support. Some women can struggle getting started, but with a little support and access to up date information, mums who choose to breastfeed can do so for as long as they wish.


5. Baby & Me, Cheshire and Merseyside

Baby & Me, Cheshire and Merseyside, is here to offer virtual peer support to women during pregnancy and beyond, who are experiencing difficulties or wanting to reach a personal goal through their pregnancy journey.

What’s on offer?

Text Buddy service

One to one Peer support phone calls

One to one video calling options

Dedicated social media

Virtual groups

Bite size informational videos

Link to website: https://koalanw.co.uk/baby-me-cheshire-and-merseyside


6. Koala North West Facebook page



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