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Health Professionals

Some or all of the following staff will be involved in the care of your baby - and their families - in the neonatal unit. A brief description of their roles is included.


Screen blood to check the components within it are correct and inform neonatal staff of any abnormalities.

Developmental care specialists

Responsible for interacting with the baby observing how he/she behaves, assessing what may influence and promote baby's further development, helping parents and staff to provide the best care for baby.


Discusses the nutritional needs of baby with parents and the medical team Some babies require follow up by the community dietician at home. 

Eye specialist (ophthalmologist)

Responsible for examining a baby's eyes for signs of retinopathy of prematurity. Please see retinopathy of prematurity in the FAQ section of the website.


Screen blood and provide blood products in order to correct any problems eg: blood transfusion.

Hearing specialist (audiologist)

Responsible for screening all babies for hearing problems as early intervention, if required is important. 

Heart specialist (cardiologist)

The consultant to whom babies with a heart problem are referred to for assessment and treatment.

Infant feeding adviser

Breast feeding support is a major part of the adviser's role. Human milk provides many health advantages to sick and preterm babies and all mothers are encouraged and supported with breast feeding and milk expressing.

ITU/HDU based in the hospital

Mothers sometimes need further specialised treatment after the birth of their babies and are transferred to consultant care within the adult intensive care ward or adult high dependency unit. Everything will be done to maintain communication between medical staff caring for the mother and those caring for the baby, and the family.


Look for infections in samples of tissue or fluids and recommend suitable treatment.

Milk bank coordinator

The milk bank coordinator manages the service, ensuring stocks of pasteurised donor milk are maintained within the neonatal unit and is responsible for the donor recruitment programme. The Milkbank follows strict policies and guidelines recommended by United Kingdom Association of Milkbanks (UKAMB) ensuring safety of milk at all times.


Provide the medicines needed for your baby.


The role of the physiotherapist is to ensure your baby is referred on to the community physiotherapist, who will continue to treat and advise once your baby is discharged from the neonatal unit.


A person qualified to take X-rays and/or to carry out specialised procedures eg: MRI ultrasound and CT scanning.


Responsible for providing images of the body in a non invasive way for investigation, diagnosis and treatment eg: MRI, X-rays Ultrasound.

Social Workers

Are available to offer assistance to the family - in particular over financial and housing difficulties. They can also be involved if there are any difficulties over the care of children eg: another sibling needing a place in a crèche to allow parents to visit baby whilst he or she is sick in hospital. 

Speech therapist

Discusses feeding difficulties and offers support to parents and staff during a baby's progression to feed. Early intervention with feeding difficulties can help prevent potential feeding and speech difficulties later in life.