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Some or all of the following staff will be involved in the care of your baby - and their families - in the neonatal unit. A brief description of their roles is included.

Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner/Educator 

Responsible for overseeing the day to day care of all babies on the unit. 

Advanced Neonatal Midwives and Nurses

Responsible for assisting medical staff with emergency and anticipated neonatal problems on the delivery suite and for liaising with postnatal ward staff. 

Senior Neonatal Midwives and Nurses

Senior Neonatal Midwives and Nurses often co-ordinate the unit and may have a special interest within neonatal care e.g.: running the eye clinic, breast feeding, infection control, transfer of babies.


Your midwife will continue to care for you during your stay in the hospital and at home. Your Midwife can do post natal checks on the neonatal unit or you can arrange to meet her on the post natal wards. Your midwife will liaise with our community neonatal midwives about follow up care for you when baby goes home.

Neonatal Nurses

Responsible for providing direct nursing care to babies on the neonatal unit and looking after the babies from admission to going home. They support the parents with feeding, explanations of baby's condition, assisting and teaching parents in the care of their baby - aiming to assist to a smooth transition to home.

Co-ordinator on the Neonatal Unit (NNU)

The coordinator's role is to ensure the best care for babies and their parents -offering clinical neonatal care, developmental care and emotional support, so the babies on the unit reach their maximum potential. Click here to view a full description.

The Nursery Nurse/Assistant Practitioner

Responsible for the care of babies within the low and high dependency areas of the neonatal unit. Supports parents in all aspects of care.

Health Care Assistants

Support the nursing and medical staff. To ensure all the supplies are stocked and ordered and to help coordinate many of the clinics within the department and take on specific tasks within their job role e.g. Milk bank work.

Medical and nursing students

Training is essential for all health professionals so there are opportunities for students to learn about the speciality of neonatal care; if you do not wish your baby to be involved you may do so without adversely affecting his/her care please inform the manager/ nurse caring for your baby.

Infection control nurses

There are identified nurses on the neonatal unit who act as a link with the infection control team at the hospital.