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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


As Wirral’s largest employer, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is the thriving heart of the local community. Comprising Wirral’s only Emergency Department, it is one of the biggest and busiest acute NHS trusts in the North West. This enables us to offer a wide variety of apprenticeships and as a teaching hospital we pride ourselves on developing high quality education and training for all our apprentices.

What are apprenticeships?

Why work for Wirral University Teaching Hospital?

Working for Wirral University Teaching Hospital (WUTH) gives you the ability to improve the lives of others by supporting the care of patients and carers who depend on the services we provide. There are also lots of employee benefits such as progressive rates of pay, on the job training and a great pension scheme.

Not all the staff working for WUTH are front-line clinicians like doctors and nurses. We have IT professionals, accountants, engineers, scientists and many more professionals who come together to deliver the best experience and outcome possible for our patients.

Whatever skills you have, there is probably a job that will suit them in the NHS and an

Apprenticeship might be the perfect way to start your career with us.

How do I know if an Apprenticeship is for me?

Apprenticeships provide routes into a variety of careers in the NHS and are an excellent opportunity to earn, gain work experience and achieve nationally recognised qualifications at the same time, with many different areas of work to consider.

An apprenticeship in the NHS isn’t like going to college or University, as an apprentice you will be doing a real job in a real place – getting paid for it! You will have responsibilities to your employer and your colleagues and you will be working as part of a team in a great organisation. The responsibility you have whilst you’re learning on the job means you will develop skills very quickly whilst being supported by your team in WUTH. Whilst your learning in your workplace you may also go on day or block release to a training centre or college, working towards recognised competence and knowledge qualifications and developing your skills in Maths and English if needed.

What are the benefits of becoming an apprentice?

There are many benefits to becoming an apprentice:

  • You gain valuable workplace skills and experience.
  • You work in a real job for a real employer.
  • You are paid a salary and have a contract of employment.
  • You achieve qualifications.
    • You get support from your colleagues and training organisation.
    • It’s a career pathway that helps individuals achieve their goals.
    • It becomes a significant aspect of your CV to demonstrate skills, achievements and work experience.
    • There are opportunities for you to showcase your skills at regional apprenticeship  events.
    • You are entitled to NHS Discounts.
    • You are entitled to a National Union of Students (NUS) Apprentice Extra card, giving you access to discounts at more than 120 high street and online retail partners from as little as £11 per year. For more information visit www.apprenticeextra.co.uk 

What is included in an Apprenticeship?

A job and an apprenticeship: what's the difference? What are the benefits of becoming an apprentice?

Functional Skills & Numeracy, literacy, communications and IT skills relevant to the level of the apprenticeship + A technical certificate & the underpinning knowledge and theory element = Work based competence qualification & an Award, Certificate or Diploma, similar to an NVQ.

What is the time commitment?

The training period for an apprenticeship with WUTH can be as little as 15 months for a Level 2 apprenticeship and 18 months for a Level 3 apprenticeship. Many qualifications require minimal time out of the work place, with an assessor arranging to visit and observe the member of staff. There will be a requirement for the member of staff to do some work themselves to demonstrate their knowledge of relevant theory; this will be tailored to the qualification. There is also a need for some time to discuss work that is produced, ask questions to check understanding and action plan. Some qualifications require attendance at workshops to provide theoretical input, some require weekly attendance at college, and some are tested using formal exams.

Entry requirements

To apply for an apprenticeship candidates must:

  • You have to be at least 16 years old.

  • Entry requirements vary, and you may need up to five GCSEs at grade 9 to 4/A* to C — including English and maths.

  • You'll need to show you have the ability to complete the programme — what's required varies across training providers and job roles.

Where can I find out more about the Apprenticeships that are currently available?

Our apprenticeship vacancies will be advertised on NHS Jobs. There is no set time when an apprenticeship is advertised but by registering on NHS jobs and selecting that you are interested in Apprenticeships and the area, i.e. Wirral University Teaching Hospital, you will be sent notifications of all our new positions.

For more information on how to apply for an apprenticeship on NHS Jobs click here

What apprenticeships are available?

A sample of apprenticeships which are available and being used in the Trust are listed below however you should contact the Leadership & Development team if you want clarification of an apprenticeship qualification to cover any job role:

Clinical Healthcare Support
Level 2 Clinical Healthcare Support
Level 3 Clinical Healthcare Support

Business Administration
Level 3 Business Administration

Perioperative Support
Level 3 Perioperative Support

Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy
Level 3 Allied Health Profession Support

Laboratory Science
Level 2 Laboratory & Science Technicians – Clinical Analysis pathway
Level 3 Laboratory Science – Analytical and Process Science

Come and meet some of our apprentices

NAME: Ethan Briscoe
ROLE: Apprentice Laboratory Technician    

DEPT: Microbiology

COURSE: Laboratory & Science Technicians

What made you apply for this apprenticeship?

I wanted a job as soon as I had left school as I wanted to earn money whilst gaining qualifications and my sister introduced me to the apprenticeships.

What have you learnt in your apprenticeship so far?

I have loved every single minute of my apprenticeship and it is by far the greatest thing I have done in my life. I have learnt how to truly work hard.

Who has supported you in the workplace throughout your apprenticeship? Every single one of my colleagues have helped me gain a lot of knowledge and Wirral Met College have also helped me a lot.

What have you been most proud of in your apprenticeship so far?

It would be winning ‘Learner of the Year’ at WUTH’s PROUD awards 2016. Also, just learning all the skills I have learned.

What would you recommend about an apprenticeship to someone who is looking to apply for an apprenticeship at WUTH?

I would say to them to definitely do it, as the Trust is amazing and they look after you!

What are your aspirations after you have finished your apprenticeship?

I want to become a biomedical scientist in the future but my aspirations are to keep working as hard as I can and to gain as much as I can.


NAME: Emilia Cameron
ROLE: Apprentice Clerical Assistant

DEPT: Leadership and Development

COURSE: Level 2 Combined Business Administration

What made you apply for this apprenticeship?

I applied for this apprenticeship because I wanted to get in to a Business Admin role and the NHS was a great place to do that. I love the fact that I can learn whilst being practical and earning money at the same time. The benefits are great in the NHS such as ‘NHS Discounts’.

What have you been most proud of in your apprenticeship so far?     

I have been given lots of exciting opportunities whilst being an apprentice. My proudest moment was speaking at the ‘Celebration of Achievement’ award ceremony in front of other apprentices and existing staff at the trust, including David Allison our Chief Executive.

What have you liked/learnt in your apprenticeship so far?      

I have developed a number of skills throughout my apprenticeship. My communication skills have improved due to regularly answering the phone and dealing with staff of all levels.

Who has supported you in the workplace throughout your apprenticeship?

Throughout my apprenticeship I have had a lot of support from both my colleagues in the Leadership and Development team and from the college. The team always help me if I ever have any questions about my work. I visit college once a fortnight to catch up with college work and my college assessor comes to visit for a one to one regularly to check that I am getting on ok with my studies.

What would you recommend about an apprenticeship to someone who is looking to apply for an apprenticeship at WUTH?

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship with WUTH because of the fact that you can learn whilst you earn. You gain lots of practical experience whilst still completing college studies. The NHS discounts are also great for helping you save your money. All of the staff I have met through working at WUTH are lovely and extremely welcoming.

What are your aspirations after you have finished your apprenticeship?

After I complete my apprenticeship and gain my qualification in Level 2 Combined Business Administration I would hope to find a full time job in Business Administration. Here I can use the skills that I have learnt in my apprenticeship and put them to use. I would love to stay within the NHS due to the amount of opportunities that are available.


NAME: Emily Sumner
ROLE: Apprentice Laboratory Technician    

DEPT: Microbiology

COURSE: Laboratory And Technical Activities

What made you apply for this apprenticeship? 

I knew I always wanted to work for the NHS, however I was more interested in the concept of learning and earning on the job through an apprenticeship.

What have you been most proud of in your apprenticeship so far? 

I have always been a shy character, however since starting my apprenticeship I have found that I have come out of my shell a lot more and my confidence in myself has grown significantly. This is something I am personally very proud of.

What have you learnt in your apprenticeship so far?

I learn something new every day. I love coming to work in the morning to embrace another day of learning more on something I enjoy. The thing I’ve liked most so far though is the people that I’ve met. Everyone is so lovely and made me feel welcome.

Who has supported you in the workplace throughout your apprenticeship?

Everybody. Every single person that I work with are so supportive and helpful when I am unsure about anything, and it makes it all the more easier for me knowing I don’t have to be hesitant about asking for help when I need it.

What would you recommend about an apprenticeship to someone who is looking to apply for an apprenticeship at WUTH?

An apprenticeship is a fantastic way to gain an array of different skills and valuable experience as well as earning as you learn. I would highly recommend and apprenticeship with WUTH, it is one of the best decisions I have personally made.

What are your aspirations after you have finished your apprenticeship?

After my apprenticeship, I aspire to progress into a more advanced level apprenticeship with WUTH and work my way up the ladder and possibly one day  study at university.


NAME: Alexandra Spencer
ROLE: Apprentice Administrator


COURSE: Level 2 & Level 3 Business Administration

What made you apply for this apprenticeship?

I applied for this apprenticeship as I liked the idea of learning whilst earning. I was previously doing an apprenticeship in Hairdressing. After I completed this I wanted to change my career and decided to go down the Business and Admin route.

What have you been most proud of in your apprenticeship?

I was most proud when I won the Trust Apprentice of the year award in 2015.

What did you learn in your apprenticeship?

I learnt a lot through my apprenticeship and went onto complete my Business Admin Level 3. I enjoyed going to college on Tuesday mornings and seeing the other apprentices. The Tuesday mornings were very helpful and informative.

Who supported you in the workplace throughout your apprenticeship? 

I was mostly supported by my college tutor. I would see her on a regular basis and she supported me with completing my Level 2 and 3 Business Admin qualifications. My colleagues in my team also helped me by providing witness statements in support of my qualifications.

What would you recommend about an apprenticeship to someone who is looking to apply for an apprenticeship at WUTH?

I would recommend applying for an apprenticeship within WUTH. The organisation is very supportive and helpful with development. I applied for my apprenticeship to complete my Level 2. I was then kept on and had the opportunity to do Level 3. When I completed this I was then offered a permanent post.

What are your aspirations after you have finished your apprenticeship?

My aspirations after finishing my apprenticeship is to progress within the NHS and perhaps go on to do further studies to help me develop within my role or into another role within the organisation.

Here are a few more quotes from some of our other apprentices…

I am very proud that I am able to offer people assistance over the phone and make them feel more comfortable about coming in to have their operations when they are feeling nervous or unsure about what will happen - Michael Zdrenka, Surgical TCI

I applied for the apprenticeship to enable me to get my foot on the career ladder in a reputable employer. I have grown up in the area and been in the trust many times as a visitor for family and wanted to give back to the trust for all the amazing things they have given to our family, in terms of life saving treatment for my cousin on two occasions and the lovely nurses who cared for my mum - Sophie Kingsford-Taylor,  Service Transformation Team

Where are they now?

NAME: Niki Barr


Business Administration Apprentice, Accident and Emergency Department

At the age of 19 Niki was looking forward to a career with the NHS. She worked through an apprenticeship in Business and Administration in the Accident and Emergency Department at the Wirral University Teaching Hospital. Niki was educated at West Kirby Grammar School. Whilst studying for her A’ levels she considered her choices of employment and further education.

“I was studying for my A Levels. When I looked at the opportunities when I left school, I considered applying for Universities and working towards a degree. However when I looked at the Apprenticeship scheme I saw an opportunity to gain invaluable work based experience, gain a qualification and the potential for a career path. I was amazed how many different apprenticeships were available. I love working with people and really wanted it to be the start of a career, which is why I went for the NHS. I really wanted the apprenticeship to be the launch of a career.”

For Niki the most attractive part was the opportunity to develop her skills working in an extremely busy Accident and Emergency department with the real feeling of supporting the medical staff and helping people in need. 


2013 - Business Admin L2

2014 - Business Admin L3

2015 - Care Certificate, 1 day a week on Wards and Aspects of Level 3 Health Qualification 

2016 - School of Nursing


Niki has just completed a permanent post with the Stroke Data Team and started her Nurse training at university in September 2016.


NAME: Rosie Jones


HR Apprentice, HROD  

Rosie began in the trust as a HR Apprentice in December 2011 and over the next year worked closely with HR Managers and members of staff within the hospital. This involved dealing with recruitment, confidential staff information, restructuring and the skills to maximize use of ESR. During her time in the post she supported eight HR Manager and became involved in aspects of training. She was responsible for a group of 24 staff, their work rota, leave and any absences.

Rosie successfully completed her Business Administration Apprenticeship with the support of her Wirral Met tutor and colleagues as well as the peer mentoring of other apprentices.

Exposure across the Trust allowed her to explore other roles and she became attracted to a role in midwifery. She applied for an administration post with the Community Midwifery team who supported her in learning more about the clinical role and completed an Access course in 2014-15


2012 - Business Admin L2 

2013 - Business Admin L3

2014 - Access to Nursing

2015 - School of Midwifery


Rosie started her midwifery training in September 2015.