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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Work Placements

WUTH recognises the importance of supporting local people to undertake work experience within the Trust.  Our future depends on attracting people to the wide range of careers on offer by increasing awareness of the different types of staff required to ensure the smooth running of large NHS Foundation Trust.

Work experience in the NHS offers the chance to see what the job is really like.  It may confirm a person’s career choice, or open their eyes to other options that they hadn’t considered.

Within the NHS there is a wide range of career choices from doctors to nurses and allied health professions such as physiotherapists, dieticians, radiographers, porters, ward clerks and occupational therapy.  The NHS also depends on other staff who work in administration, finance, IT, estates, human resources and other areas.

Work experience in the NHS offers the opportunity to sample a variety of jobs, across the whole range of interest and academic ability.

A record of work experience will be an advantage when applying for jobs or higher education courses.

Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is committed to offering:

  • NHS Taster Days
  • Work Experience Placement
  • Introduction to Medicine

Work Experience Placements

PLEASE NOTE: For all non-clinical requests, placement areas for 2019 have now been filled and we are not currently accepting any further applications. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Work experience placements are provided in clinical (learners must be 17 and over) and non-clinical work places within the Trust for learners aged from 14 (restrictions in certain areas may apply).

  • Placements are strictly observational only and learners will be supervised at all times.
  • Placements available throughout the year, subject to availability. We require 12 weeks’ notice to set up your placement so please ensure that you apply in plenty of time. Please be aware, sending in an application form does not guarantee a placement will be secured.

If you are looking to apply for a work experience placement in:

  • Non-clinical areas, such as Finance, IT, HR, Estates, etc. these placement areas for 2019 have now been filled and we are not currently accepting any further applications.
  • Clinical areas, such as Physiotherapy, Radiography, etc. If you are looking for a work experience placement in any area of the Trust could you contact Sandra Manning for further information on ext:8503 or send a completed application form to wuth.wideningparticipation@nhs.net
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