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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Patient Portal

Getting Started with the Portal 

What is the patient portal?

The Patient Portal serves as an integrated digital platform through which patients can access and engage with pertinent aspects of their medical records and health-related information. Currently operational within select specialties, its scope is slated for expansion to encompass all patients within our organisation.


When will it be implemented?

The first phase of implementation will begin March 2024


What are the benefits?

The Portal empowers patients with a better understanding of their health conditions, potentially reducing missed appointments and procedures. Additionally, it paves the way for the introduction of patient messaging pools, distribution of patient questionnaires, and the development of patient-initiated follow-up pathways.


How do I begin using the portal? 

The portal is up and running! You'll receive a text message inviting you to join when there's new activity in your hospital record, such as appointments or updates. This includes visits to outpatient, inpatient, or A&E departments.


Can I register my children on the portal? 

The portal is for individuals aged 18 and over at the moment


What if I’m a carer or have power of attorney? Can I access the portal for someone else? 

At the moment, the portal does not support access on behalf of someone else. Each person must register individually. 


What features will be available at launch?

Upon launch, patients will have access to upcoming appointments, health records, results, and educational materials. Subsequent updates will introduce additional functionalities, including direct messaging with healthcare teams and appointment rescheduling capabilities. Further development of the portal will continue over the year.


Using the Portal 


Can I communicate with my entire care team through the portal? 

This feature is still in the early stages and isn't available in all departments yet. Where it is available, you can send messages and designated staff members from those departments will respond to you.


I don’t have a computer or internet access. Can I still contact my care team? 

Absolutely! You can stay in touch with your care team just as you do now.


Can I request prescription refills or book appointments through the portal? 

Currently, you cannot request prescriptions via the portal. However, we’re continually improving the system, especially concerning appointment bookings. 


Is there an app for the portal, or is it only accessible via the web? 

It’s currently web-based, so you’ll need to access it through a browser on a desktop, mobile phone or portable device. 


How do patients access the patient portal?

Patients will receive invitations to join the Portal upon activity within their electronic patient records, which usually is an upcoming appointment, provided they have a registered mobile phone number. Registration and verification will be completed via mobile.

From 20th March, patients who are eligible to register for the portal will receive a SMS from NHS WUTH containing a unique URL which will take them to the portal to start the registration process. 

If the patient has an upcoming appointment and have not yet received a SMS to register, they can do so by following this link www.patients.wuth.nhs.uk self-registering using their NHS number and DOB. 


Support and Accessibility 


What if I need assistance with the Portal?

A dedicated Patient Portal support team will be available to assist patients.


What if I don’t have a computer? Can I use the portal from a library or community centre? 

Absolutely! While using a mobile phone is the simplest way to access the portal, you can log in from any internet-enabled device, including those available at public libraries or community centres. Just remember to have your mobile phone with you, as you’ll need to verify your identity by receiving a text message. Each time you log in from a new device, you'll need to complete this verification process again with a text to your registered number. 

Is the information secure?

The Patient Portal incorporates robust security measures compliant with healthcare data protection regulations, ensuring encrypted patient information and controlled access via secure login protocols.

Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are committed to enhancing your healthcare experience through the Patient Portal.

What if I encounter issues using the portal? 

There’s a dedicated help section within the portal just for you. 


Are there visual aids to help navigate the portal if I find text difficult? 

Yes, there are icons and visual cues to guide you. 


Can I increase the text size or adjust settings to make the portal easier to use? 

You can use your device’s browser settings to zoom in or adjust the display to better suit your needs. 


Staying Informed 



Will I miss out on information if I don’t use the online portal? 

No, all existing methods of communication are still available with the Trust.


Will the portal alert me about new results or updates? 

You will receive a text message for new appointments or significant updates.