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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Meet the Team

The Research Department forms part of the Corporate Division within the Trust. The Research Lead is Dr Nikki Stevenson, Medical Director.

The Department also includes (with internal phone number):

Paula Brassey, Research Manager – 7155

Fiona Brailsford, Research Coordinator - 8471

Joanne Mullen, Research Data Coordinator - 2476

Anne Reddington, Research Nurse - 8574

Cathy Jones, A&E and Critical Care Research Nurse - 2717

Jessie Huang, Haematology Research Nurse - 2476

Julie Grindey, Research Midwife – 8913

Julie McEntee, Rheumatology Research Nurse 2310

Liz Bailey, Senior Research Nurse –  8471

Lucy Lewis, Paediatric Research Nurse - 2520

Reni Jacob, A&E and Critical Care Research Nurse - 2717

Sharon Hughes, Paediatric Research Nurse - 2520

Venetia Johnson, Stroke Research Nurse – 2476


Main Switchboard Number: 0151 678 5111