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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

National Healthcare Science Week: Blood sciences laboratory Arrowe Park Hospital

Our blood sciences department includes clinical biochemistry, haematology and transfusion. It provides blood science services to our hospital and community healthcare providers.

Clinical biochemistry

Clinical chemistry is the analysis of blood and other biological fluids to help the diagnosis of diseases, such as diabetes. Clinical chemists also carry out toxicological studies, test kidney and liver functions and help to monitor therapies


Haematology is the study of blood. In this discipline, haematologists investigate the formation, composition, function and diseases of blood. Some of the diseases diagnosed in haematology are leukaemia, malaria and anaemia


Transfusion science identifies blood groups for blood donation, ensures the correct grouped blood is matched to the patient due to receive the donation and makes sure blood stocks are adequate for critical incidents such as road traffic accidents, operations and cancer treatments.

The Team

Our blood sciences team is very friendly, professional, highly skilled and committed. They provide a high-quality blood sciences service to the hospital and local community. This was demonstrated throughout 2019 and 2020 when they faced the enormous challenge of dealing with staffing shortages and increased workload due to COVID-19. Despite COVID-19 the department has maintained the high quality service and turn-around times for tests that the hospital and the people of Wirral rely upon. We are extremely proud of how they came together as a team through this incredibly difficult period.

Many thanks to our blood sciences team!