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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Please find below some of our frequently asked questions.

How should I store my medicines?

Medicines should be kept in their original packaging and stored in a cool, dry, dark place out of the sight and reach of children. Some medicines need to be kept in the fridge – this will be clearly marked on the packet or instruction leaflet.

What should I do with left over or expired medicines?

Medicines that are past their expiry date, or are no longer required, can be taken to any pharmacy to be disposed of safely. You can also recycle your inhalers so return them to your local pharmacy too.

I take herbal medicines, should I mention it to the team looking after me?

Herbal medicines are often thought to be safe as they are ‘natural’. They do however have an effect on the body and can lead to side-effects and so should be used with care. They may interact with your other medicines, medical conditions, or be unsafe if you are undergoing surgery. Always let your doctor, nurse or pharmacist know about any herbal medicines you are taking.

Should I bring my medicines in to hospital with me?

Yes, you should bring your medicines in to hospital with you. This will help us to make sure you are prescribed the right medicines when you are admitted. If any of your medicines are ‘controlled medicines’, once we have checked the details, we may ask if you can arrange for someone to take this medicines home, otherwise we may use them when you an inpatient.

Who should I talk to if I have any questions or concerns about my medicines?

While you are an inpatient you can ask your nurse to arrange for a consultation with your dedicated ward pharmacy team.

When you get home, you can speak to your local pharmacist. If they can't help or they think that you need to see your doctor, they will advise you to do that. Alternatively, if you are a patient at WUTH, you can call our medicines information helpline for advice (0151 482 7690)