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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Prepare for an appointment

Where do I go for my appointment? / Attending your appointment

You will receive a confirmation letter with details of which department to attend. If you arrive by ambulance you will be taken to the correct department. Please report to the receptionist 10 minutes before your appointment time (unless requested to do otherwise). The receptionist will check your personal details to ensure we hold the correct information about you.

Seating space in our Outpatient Departments is limited. If you need to have someone accompany you, please limit this to one relative or friend if at all possible.

Before you see the doctor, a nurse will make an assessment which may include your weight, height and blood pressure. You may also be required to supply a urine sample for testing.

Your doctor and clinical team will make sure that you are involved in any discussion or decisions about your treatment. You are entitled to a clear explanation of your condition so please ask if there is anything you are not sure about. Your doctor will write to your GP and if you would like a copy of this letter please ask at the time of your appointment.

Depending on the reason for your appointment, you could see a consultant or a doctor, a nurse, a therapist such as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist or a radiologist if you need an x-ray.

We are a teaching hospital so we may ask your permission for a student to sit in on your consultation or you may be asked to take part in a research project. Your care will not be affected in any way if you choose not to take part.
There are areas available to purchase refreshments on all our sites

How long will my appointment take?

Every effort is made to see patients at their appointment time but unfortunately this is not always possible. Delays in clinic can occur but our staff should be able to tell you the reason. Everyone is seen in order of their appointment time and not in order of arrival.

If you need to have any diagnostic tests such as an x-ray then this may increase the length of time you are at the hospital.

If the decision is made that you will need an operation you may be asked to attend a pre-operative assessment directly after your appointment alternatively we will book an appointment for you with the pre-operative assessment clinic

What if I need support?

Wheelchairs are available at the entrance and if you need an ambulance to bring you to the hospital your GP will arrange that for you. If you have any special requirements please contact the number on your letter and we will do whatever possible to assist you. If you need an interpreter please contact the number on your letter as soon as possible so this can be arranged for you.

What to bring with you

You should bring:

  • your appointment letter and any additional items listed on it
  • any medicines you are taking (including herbal preparations) together with your medication list
  • money for prescriptions or proof that you do not need to pay
  • your GPs details
  • any mobility or hearing aids and your glasses.

Additional Documents