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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Children's Sleep Studies

Your child has been referred for a sleep study the following information and video will help you be prepared. Please see 'related link' to left of this page to access the video.

Once you have watched the video, can you please complete the Declaration Form below.


**** As soon as we receive the declaration form we can arrange the sleep study for your child.****


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my child having a sleep study?

The investigation is part of an analysis of your child’s breathing pattern during their sleep .The doctor of nurse who has referred you will have explained more .

What is involved?

The sleep study is done at home . After you have watched the video and completed the self-declaration form  and returned it via email  you will be contacted with a date and time  to come and collect the equipment you will need  from Children’s outpatients department at Arrowe Park Hospital

What is the equipment like?

The monitor is called a saturation monitor it is a small white box that has a lead and probe attached to it. The probe will need to stay attached to your child’s big toe overnight.

What is the monitor used for?

The monitor has a memory and records your child’s oxygen level and heart rate whilst they are asleep. Ideally we need 8 hours of data to make any kind of assessment. You will also have a sleep study diary to complete just to let us know how your child slept.

What happens next?   

When you have collected the monitor from Children’s Outpatients Department at Arrowe Park hospital you will take the monitor home and do the sleep study that night. Usually we ask the monitor to be returned the next day before 11am to Children’s Outpatients Department.

What happens next?

The data will be downloaded and analysed by one of the respiratory team. We will contact you via phone if we do not have enough data to discuss next steps. Results will be shared with you either via letter or at your next appointment with your consultant.



Please complete all details