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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


The children's epilepsy nurse specialist supports families of children with epilepsy by acting as a link between hospital, school and home.

If your child has a seizure or other episode of collapse, he/she may be seen first in clinic by the epilepsy nurse who may arrange further investigations before arranging for an appointment with the consultant. If there is some uncertainty about the diagnosis parents will be asked to video their child's episodes to help us come to a conclusion.

If your child receives a diagnosis of epilepsy, his/her care will be shared by the nurse and the consultant. Many issues can be dealt with quickly by telephone, so that unnecessary clinic appointments can be avoided. The epilepsy nurse has close links with all the schools and nurseries on the Wirral and provides training for the teaching staff on a regular basis.

Epilepsy clinics are held at Arrowe Park Hospital and Victoria Central hospital and in some of the local special needs schools.

Once your child reaches adolescence they will be seen in the adolescent clinic which is held once a month on a Thursday between 3.45pm and 6.00 pm at Arrowe Park. At this clinic we can address more adult issues such as driving, further education and careers. You will still be welcome to come into clinic with your child but if they wish to see us on their own we would encourage this independence.

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