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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Hopefully you’ve already heard about Dementia Action Week’s Dining4Dementia. This is a new and exciting opportunity for people with dementia during the first weekend of Dementia Action Week (Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May). Leading restaurants across the UK are uniting with the Alzheimer's Society to give people with dementia the chance to volunteer for a short shift, front of house, in their restaurants. 

The aim is to promote inclusion and help Alzheimer’s Society raise awareness that with the right support and small adjustments, many people living with dementia can contribute and be included in the workplace and lead they lives they choose.

All participants will be provided with training by the restaurants taking part in Dementia Action Week’s Dining4Dementia and supported by a buddy (a member of staff or formal volunteer). 

The Alzheimer's Society are supporting the restaurants to become more dementia-friendly, and they have developed a free online dementia training course for restaurant staff and a PDF guide, with tips on what small adjustments can be made and how to best support people with dementia taking part. To find out more about Dementia Action Week’s Dining4Dementia and/or volunteer to take part, please email Dining4Dementia@alzheimers.org.uk. 

The nearest participating restaurant to Wirral University Teaching Hospital is:

Pie Minister, 31 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4DN.

Please help in recruiting volunteers to take part and make the campaign a success! Do you know someone living with dementia who you think would be interested, if so, please speak to about it over the next few days and pass on their details to the Dining4Dementia team who are happy to help and will answer any questions.

Further information about Dining4Dementia can be found here.